Nice to meet you, my name is Alpha Jallow. The people here know me as Alpha Romeo.
I'm born in The Gambia and from the upper part of the country called Basse Santa Su.
I am studying "Tourism and Travel"and have experience as a local guide in The Gambia.
I also have been with tourists to all the neighbour countries like Senegal, Guinea Bissau etc.
With my experience I can speak three local Gambian languages.
Fula, Wollof, Mandinka.
I speak foreign languages as well,
English and a little Dutch

I also run a bicycle rental business, near Lemon Creek Hotel. Click here to show the map.
I am licensed by the Gambia Tourism Authority, arm of the Ministry of Tourism.  My
"All Terrain Bikes" are in good condition.

Cycling is the most eco-friendly mode of transport for Gambia. It gives you great flexibility to go to areas that cars cannot reach for example narrow roads. So you can explore the smiling coast of Africa in a nice and relaxing way.

I can take you for bicycle ride to see many tourist attractions. You can see more details on the "tours-page".

If you want to see more photos.
click here.